On Tattoos

I have several. I started this tradition to get a new one on my birthday each year. So far, I have the  following:

797095_original The orange text is Greek for “patience.” The little black star is for my five nieces and nephews, and the cross with the “veritas” and “aequitas” is a straight up Boondock Saints tattoo.


This one was inspired by the drawing Cobb did on the napkin in Inception to explain dream extraction, but I took it to mean something else. I have a problem with cyclical thinking that gets me nowhere except further into depression. The line through the cycle represents a line through those thoughts. I plan on getting this one touched up this year. I admit, I didn’t take very good care of it and it’s faded in spots.


This is my first tattoo. And a nerdy one. The Chinese is “serenity,” the name of the ship in Firefly, and the wings are designed after the ones that appear on the very last screen of Final Fantasy VIII. I had to get this one touched up during my last appointment because the first artist didn’t copy my drawing completely. Thankfully, I have a great artist (Leo) over at Hybrid Tattoo and he fixed it for me. It looks exactly like I wanted it to now.

Usually, I get two tattoos done at a time on my birthday. And I have two designs this time, but I plan on only getting one this year. This one:

Shoulder Tattoo

As another extremely nerdy tattoo design, this is the design on Loki’s armor (his spaulder) from The Avengers. Meaning it’s going on my left shoulder. I stylized it a bit so that it would look fine without shadowing (and could still look fine with shadowing in case I changed my mind later).

You know what? I’m rather comfortable in my nerdiness. These tattoos represent things I like and things that are beautiful to me. That’s all that matters. Because it’s going to end up on me,not someone else.

The other design was this:

Leg Tattoo

Which will require shading. But I think I’ll save that for next year.

2 thoughts on “On Tattoos

  1. kmcambion

    I have tattoos I’m planning, after I have surgery. I told you about one, but I also want to get the less than three heart, since they were the first press to publish me. I also want to get one of the true runes from the Suikoden series, because it was something that had such a big impact on my gaming life.

    And I’m thinking about something on my hip, and maybe you can guess what that is *winks*.


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